Nazlı Dinçel

Leafless (excerpt)

8min, 16mm, color, silent

   Leafless is an experiment of expansion in time, a hand processed love poem of textures about becoming familiar with a significant other’s body in reservation with its landscape.


4min, 16mm, b&w, sound

A structural approach to man-ray’s Return to Reason (1929), Interval exploits dimensions of summer and winter while expanding time, questioning the process of the surrealist manifesto.

18 Feet (Excerpt)

16mm, 9 min, color, sound

Portraits of Women, the sound-images of the heavily handled film, the emulsion, hand processing. Holding in film contrasted to the frame rate of the projected image as portraits shift from perfect to absolute.

Shot frame by frame on an optical printer. Found stereoscopic kodakchrome slides from 1950’s Cuba, two years before the revolution. Bodies from the past that may have abolished within the war.